5 Myths About Cremation Services

Posted on September 27, 2021 by admin under Cremation Services
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cremation service in Mooreland, INCremation services are becoming more popular than traditional burial services. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the projected percentage of burials in 2021 will be 36.6% while the projected percentage of cremations in 2021 will be 57.5%. Even with the higher rate of cremations, many people still do not know all the facts about cremation. Here are five of the most common myths regarding cremation services in Mooreland, IN.

1. You Can’t Have a Traditional Funeral Service If You Are Cremated. If it is important for you and your family to have a traditional funeral service that includes things like visitation and an open casket, you can still have those things before you are cremated. You can plan for a traditional funeral service the same as you would if you were being buried. However, instead of being buried at the end of a funeral, you will be cremated.

2. Cremation Results in Ashes. Most people believe what is left after a cremation is ashes. This belief is reinforced by the fact that much of the funeral and end-of-life industry uses the term “ashes” for what remains after cremation. However, because the body is not actually burned during cremation, the result is not ash. Everything except the bones is incinerated during the cremation process. The bones that remain are ground into an ash consistency and delivered to the family.

3. It Is Illegal to Spread Someone’s Ashes. Because cremated remains are non-toxic and not harmful to the environment, it is often legal to spread ashes in many public areas. You should check with local laws to make sure the spot you want to spread ashes will be legal. If you spread ashes on private property, you just need permission from the property owner.

4. You Might Get Someone Else’s Ashes. There are many regulations to make sure body identification follows your loved one through every step of the cremation process. It is illegal for a crematory to cremate more than one body at a time, and crematory furnaces are only designed to hold one body.

5. Cremation Is Always Cheaper Than Burial.It is true that the basic cost of a cremation service is cheaper than a burial. It can cost as little as $600 to $1,000 for cremation. But if you plan to have a traditional funeral service or a memorial service, this will increase the cost. Likewise, choosing a more expensive casket or other add-ons can increase the price. Knowing your options and choosing certain options will affect cremation services in Mooreland, INthe final price of cremation services, and it could cost just as much as a traditional funeral.

When deciding if you or your loved one should be cremated, consider all the facts before making a final decision. These myths and others can persuade your decision even though they are not true.

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