Burial or Cremation: What Is the Better Option?

Posted on September 20, 2021 by admin under Cremation Services
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funeral home in Mooreland, INIf your loved one has passed and they did not express their wishes concerning end-of-life arrangements, you may be wondering if you need a burial or a cremation. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. The decision is a very personal one to make. Considering your options and speaking with funeral homes in Mooreland, IN can help make the decision easier.

Consider The Cost

This is often a major consideration for families after a loved one has passed. If there is no insurance or prepayment set aside for final expenses, the family will be responsible for all costs associated with the end-of-life arrangements. The more cost-effective option is usually cremation. You can choose a cremation with funeral services, a cremation with a memorial service, or a direct cremation. Direct cremation will be the most cost-effective option because there are few expenses beyond the actual cremation services.

Consider Your Religious or Cultural Expectations

Having a traditional funeral service and gravesite to visit can be an important part of the grieving process for many families. In addition, cremation may be against your religious or cultural beliefs. It is important to consider what you think your loved one may have wanted, and what their religious and cultural beliefs were. In a diverse world, there can be conflicting expectations among family members. Make sure to consult with other family members to determine what is most important.

Consider The Environment

If you are concerned about the environmental impact your loved one will have, you may have options that will affect your decision. Cremations are generally considered to be better for the environment. Burials require land, toxic embalming chemicals, and other natural resources that are not required with a cremation. Some funeral homes offer green burials and other alternatives that have less impact on the environment. If this is important to you, consult with the funeral home to see what eco-friendly options they offer.

Consider Flexibility

If you decide on a traditional burial, you have very little time to make all the decisions for the service. The body must be embalmed and then buried in a short window of time. If you are not ready or mentally able to make those decisions, a cremation could work better for you. You can have a memorial service for your loved ones weeks or months after their death. You can bury ashes or store them in a mausoleum, so you have somewhere to visit. You can also keep the ashes in an urn or turn them into unique keepsakes.  funeral homes in Mooreland, IN

Often, deciding to have a burial or a cremation is something you have discussed with your loved one at some point before they passed. Or you may have a religious or cultural tradition that you can use as a guide in your planning decisions.

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