Choosing Between Cremation or Burial

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Understanding what each process involves is an important piece to choosing cremation or burial. Getting in contact with someone from one of the many cremation services in Mount Summit, IN is a great place to start asking questions and learning about each option as you plan for your or a loved one’s future. Before setting anything in stone, let us walk through each process to better understand what lies ahead.

These decisions are not meant to be taken lightly, and should absolutely involve someone such as a funeral director to gather information and advice on how to proceed when the time comes, as it inevitably will for everyone.

How Does Cremation Work?

While each state does have its own laws, there are regulations for things such as preparation and transportation that are consistent with all states. Before cremation, funeral directors typically wait up to two days before the process is performed. This allows time to acquire permits if needed, and also for the family and friends to say their goodbyes, have a funeral service or perform any other plans to send off a loved one. Families also collect any personal belongings from the departed, usually after a service is held, but before the cremation takes place.

The cremation process will start with placing the casket or other container into a cremation chamber. Temperatures in this chamber typically reach between 1,400 – 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows all remains to be fully processed and usually takes from 1 – 3 hours based on the size of the actual body and a few other factors. Following this is a short cooling process so that the remains can be handled, in which they are passed to the family or cemetery as planned.

Cremation can be more affordable, has fewer time restraints, and be done in many locations so this is often a preferred method. There are however cons such as family or friends uncomfortable with the process, and not all locations offer cremation services.

How Does the Burial Process Work?

The burial process always includes bathing and disinfection of the body to protect funeral staff, family, and friends. This also provides a level of dignity for the departed. The family or friends responsible for the funeral decide the next steps.

A body can be embalmed for traditional funeral services or placed in refrigeration if being transported. If embalming is used, then a licensed individual must perform the task, usually the funeral director themselves. Embalming isn’t necessarily needed if the burial is happening right away.  cremation service in Mount Summit, IN

Traditionally, funeral services transport the body to a cemetery following the service. Burials provide loved ones a place to visit the remains, are understood by more people, and give the family options to personalize the casket, headstone, and location. The downside is they are usually more expensive, and cemeteries can often limit choices because of their rules.

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