Dismiss These Cremation Service Errors

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cremation service in New Castle, IN

Are you in the process of arranging a cremation service in New Castle, IN? A lot of families these days are selecting cremation over burial for their deceased loved ones. But while cremation is now the most common body disposition option, there are still some troubling misconceptions that many people still have about cremation.

Here’s a look at some cremation services misconceptions that you can safely lay to rest.

Myth: If You Plana Cremation, You Can’t Also Have a Funeral Service

This is one of the more common misconceptions. The reality is that you can plan a cremation service and then have a formal ceremony in a church or somewhere else. So if you’re planning a cremation in honor of the wishes of a deceased loved one, you can still hold a funeral service afterward to celebrate what they meant to so many. Whether you go with a funeral service, a celebration of life service, or a memorial service, you can hold a meaningful event that allows family and friends to come together. This will honor the deceased and comfort the living.

Myth: Only Atheists or Agnostics Should be Cremated

There was once a time when many Christian denominations either were against cremation or were known to discourage people from going that route. Meanwhile, cremation used to be seen as a body disposition option that was especially suited to atheists who don’t believe in a god and agnostics who aren’t sure whether or not there is a god. Traditional funeral services are held in churches and chapels, and they include rites and rituals connected with religion. So it is clear why atheists and agnostics would be interested in cremation as a body disposition. But most religions have come to accept cremation as a valid body disposition method. Another thing to consider is that religious people who plan cremations can still have some sort of service later.

Myth: You Might Wind Up with a Stranger’s Ashescremation services in New Castle, IN

Have you heard this one? There are some people who believe that funeral home employees place multiple bodies in the cremation chamber. What this would mean is that they could, if they hired a funeral home to perform a cremation, wind up with the ashes of multiple people in an urn. The good news is that this is certainly not true. Funeral homes place only one body at a time into a cremation chamber. Truth be told, modern cremation machines can only accommodate one adult body at a time. If you have any issues or concerns, you should call the funeral home to speak with the funeral director. You can express any concerns you may have. They will be sure to give you the answers you need so that you can proceed with confidence.

When you need to plan a cremation service in New Castle, IN, let us know because we can help. We offer funeral services, cremation services, veteran’s services, and permanent memorialization options. For the help you need, get in touch for prompt and professional service. We’ll be honored to assist you.

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