Is Cremation Environmentally Friendly?

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service in New Castle, INAs the world becomes more conscious of how humans are impacting the environment and contributing to global warming, many people are turning to cremation as an environmentally friendly alternative to a burial. Cremation does not involve using as many resources as a burial, you do not need a plot of land for a gravesite, and there are no embalming chemicals seeping into the ground. But how environmentally friendly are cremation services in New Castle, IN?

Traditional Burials and The Environment

Traditional burials have the most impact on the environment. Every casket needs its own plot of land, and there is not enough land in the world to accommodate everyone after death. A lot of natural resources are used to make the caskets people are buried in to protect their bodies from the surrounding dirt. But the caskets can break down after time, and that allows embalming chemicals to seep into the ground. There are also few options to purchase eco-friendly cut flowers and floral arrangements. A traditional burial generally has the most impact on the environment.

Cremations and The Environment

You will often only have two options: a traditional burial or a cremation. Of the two, cremation has less impact on the environment. There are few natural resources being used, and plots of land will not need to be reserved for the remains. However, there are some things to consider with cremations. Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are released during the cremation process. Usually, natural gas is used to power the crematorium retorts. However, with the popularity increasing for environmentally friendly cremations, many crematoriums are investing in more fuel-efficient crematorium retorts that significantly lower carbon emissions during the cremation process.

Reduce The Environmental Impact of Cremation

There are ways to reduce the impact cremation has on the environment.

  • Most crematoriums will require you to choose a casket or other approved container to put the body in during cremation. You can choose a casket that is made of renewable and non-toxic materials. Crematoriums are required by law to offer inexpensive cremation caskets, and these are often made of non-toxic materials.
  • If you want to bury your loved one’s ashes, choose a biodegradable urn or container. There are many urns available that are made from biodegradable materials including wood, cardboard, or wicker. If you will be keeping the urn or container, choose one from a company that uses eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing process.
  • You can offset the carbon emissions from the cremation by contributing to a carbon fund. The amount you contribute to a carbon fund will help to pay for projects or studies that will help to reduce your loved one’s carbon footprint. The carbon offset for burning a crematorium furnace for a single cremation is about $4.  services in New Castle, IN

There are many reasons to consider being environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, traditional burial services are often not very good for the environment. Cremations are a better option if the environment is important to you and your family.

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