Organizations to Reach Out to After a Death in the Family

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cremation service in Mooreland, IN

After a cremation service in Mooreland, IN, there’ll be plenty of things for you and your family to do. One of the responsibilities will involve contacting different organizations your deceased loved one had been affiliated with. Here’s a look at a handful of organizations to contact.  


Financial Services 

Banks might have different methods of managing the closing of a deceased person’s accounts. The process usually includes your sending an authorized copy of the death certificate. While you’ll want to get the accounts closed, it’s oftentimes best not to be too hasty. For instance, the money in the account might be required to pay other debts or outstanding bills. 



It’s also important to contact the deceased person’s employer or employers. The employer will be in a position to notify you if the deceased had any life insurance or any other benefits. They will let you know how you can get the funds. You will likely have to present a copy of the death certificate before any payout is made. 


Credit Reporting Agencies 

You can report a death to a credit reporting agency by going the social security route, or it can be done through the executor of the deceased person’s estate. When you reach out to one of the credit reporting agencies, it will have to pass on the development to the other credit reporting agencies. In addition to submitting a death certificate, you’ll also have to supply the deceased person’s social security number and any other information that is requested. If you don’t notify credit reporting agencies, you will run the risk of someone committing identify theft using the name of your deceased loved one. That’s obviously something you’ll want to avoid. 



You’ll also want to contact any utility companies that your deceased loved one had used. This means oil companies, phone companies, internet companies, and other such businesses. Each of them will have their own ways of shutting down accounts.  


Subscriptions and Memberships 

It’s also important to cancel any subscriptions that your deceased loved one had signed up for. This includes things like magazinesnewspapers, and even gym membershipsFind one of your deceased loved one’s credit card statements to see any recurring expenses associated with subscriptions and memberships. 



Did your deceased loved one have any loans at the time of their passing? If so, you’ll want to reach out to any organizations that had offered loans to see what steps need to be taken to address the debt situation. You’ll probably want to get advice to see whether you or anyone else in your family is responsible for any loans that are outstanding. 

cremation service in Mooreland, IN

cremation service in Mooreland, IN

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