Reasons Why Funeral Flowers Are Better Gifts

Posted on February 13, 2023 by admin under Funeral Home
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Flowers have long been recognized as an ideal memorial for the deceased. Flower arrangements are frequently displayed at wakes, memorial services, or burials. However, some people may reconsider sending flowers to a funeral and instead send condolence money. While cash can be a good financial support, florals as funeral tokens provide a much deeper value that money cannot. The funeral homes in Mooreland, IN can assist you with this decision.


Here are some reasons why you should consider sending funeral flowers in addition to cash donations.


Funeral Flowers Make a Stronger Impression

Although flowers fade and die, this token of respect will live on in the memories of those who have lost loved ones. Cash may be useful financial aid, but in times of distress and suffering, it can easily go unnoticed and forgotten. Funeral flowers, on the other hand, can be seen at wakes and burials and will serve as a lasting reminder that you were there for the bereaved every step of the way.


Funeral Flowers Are Used for More Than Just Decoration

Giving flowers in times of grief can be traced back thousands of years when embalming was unknown. Aside from paying respects to the dead, flowers were used for their fragrance to help counteract the odors of decaying bodies. It has become a living tradition over the years. Even when embalming became a trend, floral arrangements remain an important part of funerals, not only for decoration but also to mask the odor of corpses.


Sending Funeral Flowers Demonstrates More Effort

Although the process of sending flowers has become easier with the availability of online services, it still necessitates efforts that are more difficult to accomplish than simply giving money. The time and effort you put into sending this token of respect will be greatly appreciated, from nitpicking the florist and floral arrangements to paying the cost.


Funeral Flowers Are Customizable

Flowers, unlike condolence money, can be customized to convey the message you want to send. Florals come in a variety of styles and colors that reflect various personalities. Each flower has meanings beyond its appearance. Being personally involved in the floral arrangement selection process can bring your tribute even closer to the hearts of the bereaved family.


Funeral Flowers Have Spiritual Meaning

Flowers carry symbolisms that touch the spiritual journey of humans aside from expressions of love and sympathy. Death is an unavoidable stage in the lives of both flowers and humans.


Funeral Flowers Have More Emotional Value

Flowers may be unable to speak, but their silent presence can already convey words that are too painful to utter. They have afuneral home in Mooreland IN language that allows them to express deep feelings of sympathy and understanding. And this is something that money could never buy.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, and gifts may not be able to ease the pain. However, sending flowers to a bereaved family can demonstrate much more than financial support. Are you looking for a florist to express your heartfelt condolences to your bereaved friends and family? The funeral homes in Mooreland, IN will assist you. Contact us right away or visit us for immediate or preplanning need.