Things That People Tend to Get Wrong About Cremation

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How familiar are you with cremation services in Mooreland, IN? Although cremation is now more common than burial in most places, there are still a lot of things about the process that  people often get wrong. The problem with this is that it could get in the way of your planning a final service for a deceased loved one. What you’ll want is accurate information if you want to make proper decisions. Read on to see some common misconceptions about cremations.

Ashes Aren’t Really Ashes

While it’s common to refer to the cremated remains as ashes, the truth is that they aren’t actually ashes at all. When a deceased body is placed into a cremation chamber, the high heat breaks down the body and reduces it back to its basic elements. After the contents have cooled down, the funeral home staff will use a machine to grind down the bone fragments to produce cremated remains that are greyish in color with the texture of sand. Cremated remains are, therefore, not really ashes. But it’s a term that is often used, and no one at the funeral home will mind your using this term to refer to the cremains. If you want to use terms that are more accurate, however, you can use terms like cremated remains or cremains.

You Won’t Take Home a Stranger’s Ashes

No, there is no possibility of your taking home an urn that contains a stranger’s ashes. Some people believe the myth that more than one body is placed into the cremation chamber simultaneously. This is certainly not true since it’s against the law to do so, and cremation chambers can’t accommodate more than one adult body at a time anyway. If there were multiple bodies put into the cremation chamber, you would have reason to wonder about the possibility of getting multiple person’s ashes in the urn you take home with you. But you can put those worries to rest since there won’t be any funeral home mix-ups of this nature at all.

You Can Combine a Cremation Service with a Funeral or Memorialcremation services in Mooreland, IN

Some people believe that a cremation can’t be combined with a funeral or a memorial. That’s certainly not the case. If you plan a cremation, you definitely should hold an event that allows family and friends to come together to mourn the deceased’s death and to celebrate their life.

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