Various Types of Cemeteries

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There are numerous types of cemeteries, each with varying levels of service and burial options. Finding an appropriate cemetery for burial or cremation may be difficult depending on several factors. Types of services, geographic location, religious affiliation, type of memorial, and military services are all factors to consider when choosing a cemetery. For assistance, consult the funeral homes in Mooreland, IN.

Because of the variety of burial practices available, a distinct set of cemetery classifications and categorizations exists to assist individuals in selecting the appropriate final resting place.

Here are the various types of cemeteries.

  • The memorial park cemetery design incorporates lawn-level memorials to create the appearance and feel of a garden or park. Lawn-level granite or bronze memorials are easier to maintain, have more natural beauty, and are typically less expensive.
  • Religious cemeteries are built to serve a specific religious community. Religious cemeteries account for a sizable proportion of the total number of cemeteries in the United States, many of which are church graveyards. Religious cemeteries may have religious restrictions that govern the religious beliefs of those buried there. The level of required observance and practice varies among religious cemeteries. Some are extremely strict, allowing only known orthodox practitioners, whereas others operate under broad guidelines and principles of belief.
  • Natural burial grounds emphasize low-impact funeral and burial practices. The specific rites and rituals permitted will differ according to the climate and topography of the area.
  • VA cemeteries are owned and operated by the Veterans Affairs Administration. Burial in a VA cemetery is only available to those who qualify for veteran burial benefits.
  • Family burial grounds are privately owned plots of land set aside for the burial of members of the same family.
  • A graveyard is a small burial ground that has historically been associated with or attached to church property. Although the terms are frequently used interchangeably, a graveyard is a subset of a cemetery.
  • Green burial grounds are a type of natural burial ground that is specifically certified and monitored. There are different levels of green burial depending on the specific practices of the cemetery.
  • Municipal cemeteries are owned by the city or county in which they are located. The public works department is in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of many municipal cemeteries. Municipal cemeteries, also known as public cemeteries, may be self-sustaining or subsidized by the local government. Although public cemeteries have lower plot and service costs than private cemeteries, they may also have fewer options and services.
  • The garden cemetery combines upright monuments with a natural or garden-like appearance and feel. A garden cemetery is frequently also a botanic garden or arboretum. Mount Auburn Cemetery and Arboretum in Massachusetts is an excellent example of a garden cemetery and arboretum.funeral home in Mooreland IN
  • A monumental cemetery, also known as a monument cemetery, is a traditional style of the cemetery with upright headstones or other upright monumental memorials. These monuments and headstones are typically made of granite, marble, or a stone and bronze combination. Many modern monumental cemeteries have designated sections for flat-lawn level memorials to provide a less expensive burial option.

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