Veteran’s Presidential Memorial Certificate

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The presidential memorial certificate is a calligraphic engraved parchment certificate that expresses the nation’s grateful recognition of a veteran’s service. The veteran’s name is engraved, and the president’s signature appears on the certificate. Please look into funeral homes in Mount Summit, IN for more information on this.


Certificates are issued in the names of deceased veterans who were honorably discharged. Next of kin, other relatives, and friends are all eligible recipients. There is no limit on the number of certificates that can be given to eligible recipients. The veteran could have died at any point in time and the recipients could still receive a copy of the certificates.

Veterans with non-dishonorable discharges and service members who died while on active duty are eligible for the certificate.

Will I Be Automatically Granted a Presidential Memorial Certificate

It all depends on where the veteran is buried and how close the one who requests is to them. The Department of Veterans Affairs will automatically present a presidential memorial certificate to the veteran’s next of kin at the burial if the veteran is buried in a national cemetery. A family member or close friend can apply for a presidential memorial certificate if the veteran is eligible for burial in a national cemetery but is instead buried in a private cemetery. The Department of Veterans Affairs will accept multiple presidential memorial certificate requests.

Please submit the veteran’s military discharge documents and death certificate to expedite the claim process.

The Application Procedure

funeral homes in Mount Summit INWhen a veteran is buried in a national cemetery, the Department of Veterans Affairs will automatically present a presidential memorial certificate to the veteran’s next of kin at the burial. If the veteran is buried in a civilian or state cemetery, his or her next-of-kin or authorized representative should request the presidential memorial certificate in person at any Department of Veterans Affairs regional office, as well as by mail or fax. Email cannot be used to send requests.

To apply for a certificate, fill out the Department of Veterans Affairs form, application for a presidential memorial certificate, and include a copy of the veteran’s discharge and death certificate to prove eligibility. The Department of Veterans Affairs will not process any request unless there is proof of honorable military service. Please submit only copies, as documents will not be returned.

Family members, relatives, friends, or authorized representatives such as funeral homes may request a certificate.

A presidential memorial certificate can be obtained online, in person, by mail, or by fax. If you are applying online and if this is your first time using the tool, you must first register. After registering, you can upload your application and supporting documents.

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