What Not to Do When Explaining Cremation Services to Children

Posted on December 28, 2020 by admin under Funeral Home
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How do you go about explaining cremation services to children after a loved one has passed away? If the children are very young, it will be all the more challenging since their comprehension of death, dying, funerals, and cremations will be little to none. While you’re working hard with a funeral home in Mooreland, IN to plan cremation services or funeral services, don’t forget to ensure that children in the family are kept in the loop. They don’t need all the details, of course, but they shouldn’t be kept in the dark either.

Here are some examples of what not to do when explaining cremation services to children.

Don’t Lie to Them

It might be more convenient to simply tell children that their beloved family member has moved to another country and won’t be back for a long time, but that would be unfair to them. While children will have a harder time understanding cremation and what it entails, you should let them know that their loved one has died and that they will be cremated as per their wishes. You can tell them that their deceased loved one will be in a warm room and will be turned into ashes. Make sure that the children understand that their deceased relative won’t feel any pain at all.

Don’t Use Words They Won’t Grasp

Avoid using words or phrases that might confuse children. It’s common to use terms like “sleep” when talking about people who have passed away. But that can confuse them to no end. Use simple words and avoid phrases that might be misunderstood. Also be sure to consider the ages of the children in question. This will make it easier to speak on a level that is appropriate.

Don’t Discourage Them from Asking Questions

You can bet that the children will have lots of questions even if they seem to grasp everything you’ve said. While explaining cremation services, ask them at certain points if they understand what you’re trying to say. After you’re done, let them know that they can ask you any questions that they may have either at that time or at any time going forward. You should also ask them some questions to see if they’ve really digested some of the things you’ve said. What you want to do is to keep the line of communication open so that the children understand that there is no wrong time to ask questions or even to talk about their deceased loved one.

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