What’s an Urn Vault and Why Should You Buy One?

Posted on February 8, 2021 by admin under Cremation Services
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If you wish to bury the urn containing the ashes of a family member, you can do so either on your property or in a cemetery’s urn garden. Going with the latter option might require you to get an urn vault. An urn vault is an enclosure that an urn is placed into before it is buried underground. But why should you get one? Here’s a look at the reasons for buying an urn vault when planning cremation services in Mooreland, IN.

Protects Urn and Ashes

Because an urn is placed into an urn vault before burial, the urn vault protects the urn and the ashes. This provides comfort for the grieving family members. It should also be noted that some cemeteries actually require an urn vault prior to allowing urn burial. So it might not be a matter of whether or not you buy an urn vault. It might be a matter of which urn vault you buy.

Makes Urn Portable

When you place the urn in an urn vault before burying it, you’ll make it much easier to relocate it at a later date should you so choose. Some families wish to take the urn with them if they, say, move to another town or to another state. You might also wish to move it from a cemetery to your own home at some point. Regardless of the reason for relocating the urn, the urn vault will protect the structural integrity of the urn so that it’s possible to relocate it without any issues. You’ll be grateful for having the urn vault if you ever do change your loved one’s resting place.

They’re Customizable

Urn vaults are just cookie-cutter variety products. There’s a lot of variety in the space. You can ask the funeral director who helps you with the funeral arrangements to show you examples of urn vaults. You can get different materials, different styles, different inscriptions, and more.

They’re Affordable

Urn vaults are also very affordable. You definitely won’t need to spend the kind of money that you would if you were buying, say, a casket. Ask the funeral director for the general price list so that you can get a feel for what urn vaults the funeral home sells and how much the urn vaults cost. You can then arrive at a reasonable budget and focus on getting a suitable urn vault.

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