Why You Should Integrate Music into a Funeral Service for Your Loved One

Posted on February 1, 2021 by admin under Funeral Home
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While planning a funeral service for a loved one can be stressful when you’re still grieving, it can also be a great honor. You’ll get the chance to give them a great final send-off and to provide a healing experience for you, your family, and other people who attend the service. One of the things to consider as you plan is the role music can play. A funeral home serving Mooreland, IN residents will be able to help you make funeral arrangements. But you can supply the music.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why it makes sense to incorporate music into the funeral service for a loved one who has died.

Honor Loved Ones

It’s amazing how music can sometimes unlock memories of times past. Are there songs that are particularly meaningful to you and your loved ones? Can you think of a few tunes that your deceased relative had really loved listening to? Is there a special song that seems to perfectly capture the essence of who your deceased family member was? You can incorporate music into the funeral service in order to honor their memory and to encourage the living.

Music is Good for Your Health

Another reason why you should consider playing music at the funeral service is that music really is good for your health. It won’t only make you feel good – there are health benefits. When you listen to tunes you love, your body releases dopamine, which is a neurochemical usually associated with pleasure. So music can lessen anxiety and pain. As you can well imagine, those benefits will really come in useful at a funeral service filled with people who are mourning.

Music Brings People Together

Yet another reason why music is important is that it brings people together. There really is something about meaningful music that really communicates something profound to the listeners. It can help to create a sense of oneness and togetherness at a time when people really do need to come together to honor the deceased. So in addition to playing music, you can consider having communal singing, which will encourage everyone can participate. The funeral service will be all the more special if you weave music throughout the program.

funeral home serving Mooreland, IN

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