How To Determine If Burial Is Right For You Or Your Loved One

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Whether you have recently lost a loved one or are planning for the future, determining the method of final disposition can be a daunting, stressful, and unusual task. If you are choosing for a loved one, be sure to take their feelings and beliefs into account. If you’re choosing your own preferred method of final arrangements ahead of time, you can save your loved ones a ton of stress in the future. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when choosing, including any religious or cultural beliefs, price of initial final disposition, and price of maintenance, if any. If you are interested in cremation, learn more about our local cremation services in Mount Summit, IN.

Factors To Consider With Burial Disposition

Overall, burial is more traditional than cremation. If you or your loved one are more conventional, then this may be the best option for you. Another one of the main advantages of choosing burial over cremation is that it offers the deceased’s loved ones a permanent gravesite to visit whenever they may choose. This can be helpful throughout the long road of the grieving process. Burial also allows the deceased to be buried alongside other loved ones in assigned family funeral plots. However, there are cremation options that offer options for physical locations with these benefits as well.

Options For Burial Final Disposition

Ground Burial At A Cemetery

Ground burial is arguably the most traditional method of final disposition and burial in the US. It allows for friends and family to have a burial service. Ground burial at a cemetery can cost on average between $4,100 to $11,600 for the plot, opening and closing, headstone or grave marker, and the installation of said headstone or grave marker. Most cemeteries will also likely charge a maintenance fee to cover the upkeep of the graves and grounds, which is usually 5% to 15% of the plot price. This is typically added to the cost of the grave but sometimes is billed to the family annually.

Above-Ground Burial In A Mausoleum

A mausoleum is a free-standing structure that is built to enclose crypts, which hold caskets. There are several different types of mausoleums, including custom-built family mausoleums, garden mausoleums, public mausoleums, and in-ground or lawn mausoleums.

On average, entombing a body in a mausoleum is between $2,000-$10,000. Indoor, public mausoleums are typically more expensive than outdoor garden mausoleums. This is because indoor mausoleums are typically climate-controlled.

Natural Burial

A natural burial is another option for final disposition in which the body is returned to the earth in as natural of a way as possible. Thiscremation service in Mount Summit IN generally involves opting out of any embalming processes, cremation, coffins, urns, or anything that alters the state of the body.

Some may opt-in for biodegradable coffins that will also dissolve into the earth with time. This type of final disposition often takes place in green spaces, such as wildflower meadows or protected parkland. Natural burials cost an average of $2,000 to $3,000, which includes a plot, any fees, maintenance, and a shroud or biodegradable casket.

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