How To Personalize A Funeral Or Memorial Service

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After losing a loved one, you may be looking for ways to honor and remember their life in a unique, memorable way that is personalized to them. When planning a service, you can make it as traditional or as secular as you see fit. Remember, there is no “perfect” funeral or memorial service. As long as your service is thoughtful and respectful to your loved one, it serves its purpose in honoring their life. If you are looking for a funeral home to host your service, check out these funeral homes in Mount Summit, IN.


First, Check The Will

Before planning the service, make sure you or someone who has permission checks the deceased’s will if there is one. This way, you can see if they had any wishes in the event of their passing. They may have included details on what they wanted to be included in their service or how they wanted it personalized to them.

Take Time To Slow Down & Reflect

Don’t rush yourself to plan out all the details. Take some time to reflect on your loved one and what they meant to you and those around them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Planning a funeral or memorial service can be an extremely daunting task, especially during a time of grief. Collaboration can be a great tool. You may want to talk to friends and family about any ideas that they may have for ways to personalize the various elements of your service(s). If using one, your clergy can also be a great resource for ideas on how to personalize the different elements of a service.

4 Ways To Personalize A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Show A Slideshow Or Tribute Video

A slideshow or tribute video can be shown before, after, or during a funeral or memorial service. If you choose to create a photo slideshow, it can even shuffle silently in the background as the service goes on. This can create a beautiful, easy-to-make visual aide to remember your loved one’s life. A video tribute can serve as an even more extensive memorable element. To make one, you may ask friends and family to submit short clips of them sharing a memory or sentiment about your lost loved one.

Include Personalized Music

Another option to personalize your loved one’s service is to put together a custom playlist to be played during, before, or after the service. You can even ask friends and family for any recommendations of music that reminded them or represented your passed loved one.

Pass Out Custom Mementos Or Favors

There are so many different options for custom mementos or favors to pass out that the service attendees can take with them to remember their lost loved one. Some ideas include floral or plant seed packets, bookmarks, recipe cards, engraved pens or keychains, picture frames, and more.

Choose A Meaningful Floral Arrangement

funeral homes in Mount Summit INFloral arrangements are often a central element of many funerals and memorial services. If your loved one had any favorite flowers or if there are any specific floral pieces that represent them, this can serve as a way to make the service decor much more personal to them.

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